Our People

Lisa Parnis

As the founding hero and chief visionary of Red Hero Group, Lisa’s record of delivering measurable ROI from training is second-to-none. Lisa boldly goes where most people in the L&D industry are scared to go; designing and delivering strategies and technology-led learning solutions that drive rapid commercial and capability outcomes.

Before founding RHG, Lisa was a global award winning innovator at Google, pioneering sales capability for Asia Pacific in channel partnerships. She has worked with over 70 businesses across 14 countries including some of the biggest brands in the world like Google, LinkedIn and NewsCorp, all of whom have now realised, with Lisa’s help, that learning can – and should – be your company’s competitive advantage.

Nat Pizzey

As RHG’s General and Operations Manager, Nat is the business, commercial, client, project and (there are heaps more, but no more room here) genius that makes Redhero the favourite vendor of all our clients. Multi-tasking is Nat’s middle name and she manages to seamlessly ensure that all of our projects are delivered flawlessly on time and on budget, and that our ever-growing team are well looked after.

In life pre-RHG, Nat enjoyed a diverse and highly successful career in TV and media production, working on multiple well-known feature films, as well as for Channel 7 and the ABC. She also worked on massive projects like Australia’s World Expo Pavillion’s, projects worth over 20 million dollars.

Teigan Margetts

As RHG’s Chief Learning and Content Strategist, Teigan thrives on designing learning that gets results. Whether she’s crafting high-level strategies, creating testing apps or writing hundreds of quiz questions, Teigan’s design focus is always on ensuring the learner has the best experience and the clients get the best results.

Before RHG, Teigan worked across digital marketing, journalism and learning and development, both in-house and as a consultant, at companies including Ericsson and Tennis Australia.

Jamie Brook

RHG’s bold vision is to bring learning with measurable ROI to every business, everywhere, and Jamie is the man helping us to get there. With a deep passion for learning and transformation, combined with expert client management skills, Jamie makes sure RHG changes as many lives as is humanly possible.

Jamie brings with him nearly 2 decades of business development experience, having grown businesses and taken expert care of clients in a number of the world’s leading organisations.

Curtis Warner

When it comes to digital and tech, Curtis is the ultimate go-to guy. As RHG’s chief tech hero, Curtis does all the nitty-gritty tech stuff but somehow makes it all seem easy and appealing. He’s also a statistician and helps us deliver and measure the exponensial revenue and capability impact that Redhero drives. He’s a systems genius who makes tech simple, ensuring that our clients not only use but understand our technical solutions.

’Outstanding’ ‘One-in-a-million’ and ‘How is that even possible?!?’ are all phrases that have been thrown around to describe our Curtis and they couldn’t be more spot on; he really is that commercially-focussed tech guy everyone wants on their team. That’s why he is our employee of the year.

Pre-RHG, Curtis worked in various technical, product and digital campaign roles.

Kate Thomson

As a project-based business, project management is our lifeblood, and Kate certainly provides that. In a word, we’d all be running around like headless chooks if it wasn’t for Kate’s exceptional focus on making sure that deadlines, budgets and exceptional client service always happens.

Kate comes to us from a diverse and impressive background in film and TV. Her skills include everything from writing to producing to, of course, project management, and she’s worked on some incredible productions including Grand Designs and Australia’s Got Talent.

Tanya Vladic

They say that the best Learning Designers are born not made, and our Tanya is a prime example of that. Ever since she was a kid, she’s been passionate about turning big picture learning into reality. She thrives on seeing others – and especially our clients – meet and exceed their big audacious learning goals, and she has a strong focus on continuous improvement.

Tanya’s career in learning design and leadership has been nothing short of impressive. She’s held numerous design and leadership roles in companies including Lion, Sensis and Bendigo Bank.

Nick Pollock

If there was an Oscar for learning productions, our Nick would be winning it. His creativity, production experience, technical know-how and attention to detail are second to none, ensuring that everything he touches, whether it be a short podcast or a full-scale production, is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Nick has degrees in Performing Arts, Theatre Direction and Music Composition. Prior to gracing RHG with his considerable talents, Nick worked as a Director and Assistant Director for multiple theatre shows. He also composed music and worked on a number of well-known TV shows, including Channel 7’s Think Tank.

Melinda Willis

Pure and simple, Melinda makes RHG happen. There aren’t enough verbs available to describe the depth and breadth of Melinda’s responsibilities, but what we do know is that she’s the glue that binds us and the doer of all important things. She smashes it at supporting our founding hero Lisa while also managing to help the rest of the team and make it all look easy and effortless, what an absolute legend. She also runs learning events and launches as well as helps ensure that our clients get exceptional service.

Melinda’s exceptional organisational skills go way back; for almost two decades she supported some of the largest sales channels and top executives at News Corp.

Timothy Martin

Here at RHG, we’re pushing new and exciting boundaries when it comes to digital products and services, and although we’d love to think we’re nailing it, we need someone who can make sure of that.

With qualifications in game design, animation and IT, and a sharp eye for detail, Tim relentlessly tests all of our creations and makes sure that everything is in tip-top shape. Let’s just say we’ll all live on Mars before a mistake gets past Tim’s eagle eye.

Ellyn Muldoon

We work at a million miles an hour here at RHG, and Ellyn makes sure we can all catch up. She’s a champion transcriber who puts all of our custom multi-media assets on paper so that we can work swifter and more effectively. Ellyn’s there in the background making sure we’re all organised, informed, and on track.

Prior to helping us at RHG, Ellyn’s done some incredible work in numerous libraries and government departments.