A keynote that’s really a business & behavioral change accelerator

We don’t inspire people and then just…leave.

We work with you to create an individualized keynote with pre & post activities to get change – fast. 

This is how it usually goes.  You book an inspiring speaker. Everyone gets excited and heads back to their desk, intent on doing it all differently. 

And then? 




Our keynote delivers the exact opposite of this. We help you and your team change your mindset and apply Google’s 10X principles. If your team has brain punching light bulb moments…they’ll change their own behaviour for good!

Why choose us for a keynote accelerator?


We work with you to understand your why, your most pressing commercial issues your loftiest goals.


Most keynotes don’t have lasting impacts at scale becuase there is no follow up. We design a custom sequence targeting mindset and skill change to ensure that results are achieved. 


We deliver a keynote with activities throughout to help your audience learn more deeply, apply their learning in real time and be totally engaged. 


We implement our strategic follow up and pivot if needed to achieve our objectives. You also have the option of us teaching you how to do it all yourself.

We do workshops for your customers too.

For sales organisations, we help qualify and drive sales from new and existing customers at scale through our customer facing sessions.